Sneak Preview

Our first opening of the year is almost here, so we decided to grab a quick preview of what has been happening with the install. Come and join us on Thursday 23rd February at 6.30pm to see how these installs turned out!

Also a write up of one the exhibitions on this week can be found here:

New Year, New Exhibitions

Welcome back to a new year at the Watt Space Gallery.

There have been plenty of changes going around in the University Art world and some of these will be reflected in the Watt Space gallery, so watch this space for details.

This year the student committee members are:

Karen Bolden

Danielle Minett

Elizabeth Mackenzie


Our first event is coming up on the 23rd February, with the opening night of the first exhibition of the year. This begins at 6.30pm so put it in the diary! We have animals, maps, keepsakes and portraits, and the rare vision of a turtle in a tutu so don’t miss out!


Also coming up is our student open show in May so keep an eye out for further details on the theme.

The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls – Pablo Picasso

WORKSHOPS at Watt Space

As a part of TiNA 2016 Watt Space is hosting some artist workshops! Here are some details to get your hands on.

TiNA will be at Watt Space from 30th September. Be sure to check it out!

Louisa Magrics
‘Tessellating Space’
Friday 30th September 1-2:30pm
Learn to crochet a tessellating plane in this collaborative and interactive workshop with Louisa! Participants will learn simple construction that can be combined to make a large-scale crochet art installation.
Booking is a must! Limited to 18 places!
Email: with the subject line “Tessellating space workshop”
Suggested $10 donation to cover the costs. All materials provided.
TIP: follow this link to learn a basic chain stitch before you
Tone Camerata
‘Switch On’
Friday 30th Septemer 2-4pm
Tone Camerata is an experimental art-music ensemble whose intallations involve audience interaction. ‘Switched On’ is an interactive, creative, sound-making workshop where participants will get an insight into Tone Camerata’s own creative process. Participants will get involved with sound improvisaion and exploring musical ideas through the body!
Contact Sarah on 0403622157 to book!

2016 TiNA at Watt Space!

As a part of the 2016 TiNA festival Watt Space presents ‘Liquefy and Stickum,’ a commingling of experimental art and skill sharing!

Art will be let loose over three days on TiNA with interactive performances and live happenings. From karaoke art to crochet workshops, Watt Space will be a melting pot of art were you can get in on the action.

Artists, Panelists, Workshoppers!:
Louisa Magrics
Tone Camerata
Ingrid Stiertzel
James Juniper
Mark Balnaves
Angela Russo
Sarah Monk
Melanie O’Dell
Gavin Vitullo
Kim Saberton
Andrew Styan

More information coming soon!!

Image credit: Ingrid Stiertzel


Shan Turner- Carroll’s ‘Rites of Passage- The Lost Art of Being Human’

Shan Turner Carroll’s MPhil exhibition ‘Rites of Passage-The Lost Art of Being Human’ opened last night! Turner-Carroll showcases mystical installations of human traces that are left behind and transformed into objects of journey and survival.

The exhibition is on show at Watt Space until Sunday the 10th of April! Be sure to see this wondrous show!
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IMG_7205 IMG_7215 IMG_7228 IMG_7230 IMG_7232 IMG_7233

IMG_7248 IMG_7259 IMG_7265

Current Exhibitions: 2nd-20th March

So far 2016 has been a fantastic year at our new space in the Northumberland House! The third set of exhibitions for 2016 shows a dynamic range of 2D and 3D works. If you haven’t checked it out yet be sure to do so!

The Expanded Print curated by Ellen Starrett and Danielle Minett

Travelling Birds by April Collison and Tallulah Cunningham

Tiny People by Amy Hamilton

While Away by Mark Mason


Megan McCarthy, Wisdom in Beauty and Beauty in Knowledge


Sand Plover, Sygna and Scaevola, April Collison


Amy Hamilton, Cinematic Abstractions: Crowd # 32


Mark Mason, While Away #1