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Watt Space invites you to the first exhibition launch of 2019!!

Opening Night Event: Thursday 7 February 6pm- 8:00pm
Exhibition Dates: 6 February – 3 March 2019
Gallery Hours: Wednesday till Sunday 11-5pm

Dandelion: Josiah Cocking
Curated by Jodi Vial
Supported by the GLAMX lab at Auchmuty Library

The exhibition Dandelion: The words and images of Josiah Cocking, draws on a photographic and written archive donated by the Cocking family to the University of Newcastle in 1999. The archive includes photographic portraits of Josiah’s own and others’ families, but beyond that, it provides indelible images of life around the closing of the nineteenth century in outer-lying Newcastle towns. Josiah may have been behind the camera when many of the images were captured, but his archive provides a clear image of the man he was – his passion for poetry, his socialist heart, his joy and grief and his love of family. He often submitted poetry for publication under the pseudonym “Dan D. Lion”, and this exhibition reflects the nature of the dandelion to bloom briefly with great intention, to embrace the seasons of its life and to scatter the seeds of its memory far beyond the ground in which it once grew. The photographs included in this exhibition were chosen from the 221 images digitised in 2018 by the University’s Cultural Collections and available at livinghistories.newcastle.edu.au.

Process and Reality
Leeroy Chapman

‘Process and Reality’ Is about the state of which things exists. This idea is explored through a post-minimal installation which makes use of the obscure materials used throughout the casting process. By making use of crumpled, folded and draped materials as a way to suggest metaphorical notions of movement. As a result, they act as a sort of action sculpture, a contemporary means of the artist’s expression. Further engaging the viewer’s experience of the fundamental nature of materiality.

Headlines of future past
Scott Probst

Alternative processes speak of alternative times, usually reminiscing about the past. But we can turn the same techniques to the future, and consider what our history to come may be.

Benjamin Crocker

Exploring the idea of the photographic self-portrait beyond traditional definition, Portraits of Ghosts uses the documentation of a diverse collection of materials to consider a less conventional idea of self. Visualising the forms and the planes of the face through the fabric, plastic and paper the works considers identity in an uncanny and haunting way that draws allusion to the mortal, dying self. Documenting the absent images of no one at all this exhibit confronts the human condition in a sombre yet unsettling way.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays


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The University of Newcastle Gallery and Watt Space will be closed from the 1st of December until the 6th of February. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the artists, volunteers and visitors to the gallery for contributing to and participating in our programs over the course of 2018.  We hope that you will join us in 2019 for an exciting program of exhibitions and events. We look forward to welcoming you at the gallery soon and wish you a relaxing and enjoyable holiday season.

Fine Art Honours Grad Show

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Opening Night Event – Thursday 22 November from 6pm
Exhibition Dates 21 November – 2 December
Please join us for the exhibition opening night launch for Fine Art Honours Grad Show. This exhibition showcases the work of three Honours students Gael Connop, Claire Kemp and John Price.
Honours year is a postgraduate course for students who have demonstrated a level of excellence in their Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and have elected to undertake further study to obtain an Honours degree. The Honours degree offers students the opportunity to further develop their specific areas of interest in both theory and practice.


Brought to you buy Festival X, Watt Space is currently exhibiting the works of twenty-six extremely talented students graduating from the Bachelor of Fine Art degree at the University of Newcastle.
The exhibited works reflect the students’ accomplishments in a broad range of media, including print, paper, fibres-textiles, sculpture, drawing, painting, photography and ceramics. The diversity of individual art practice is expressed through distinct conceptual concerns, filtered through materials and process.
Come along and check out these beautiful works.

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