Current Exhibitions 4th – 22nd March

Currently on in our second show of the year is a fantastic selection of 2D, 3D and digital art!

ECO logical – Curated by Jessica Pyne, Melissa Bull and Fern Yorke

Transition – By Michaela Swan

Down the Rabbit Hole – By Emma Collins

The Trophy Wife – By Michelle Jenkins and Suannah Louise

First time curators, Jessica Pyne, Melissa Bull and Fern Yorke have brought together a wonderful exhibition showcasing a range of mediums addressing issues in the environment.

Tiberius by Jessica Pyne

Tiberius by Jessica Pyne

Untitled by Maddyson Hatton

Untitled by Maddyson Hatton

The recent graduate, Michaela Swan, presents work created during her undergraduate program showing the transition of her practice and her response to artistic and conceptual freedom.

The Arm Knitting Project, 2014-2015 by Michaela Swan

The Arm Knitting Project, 2014-2015 by Michaela Swan

Red Raw by Michaela Swan

Red Raw by Michaela Swan

The latest weird and wonderful world created by Emma Collins has a stunning atmosphere that you can really immerse yourself into. It features a vast variety of mediums including sculpture, photography audio and of course miniature works!

Catty Flowers Installation by Emma Collins

Catty Flowers Installation by Emma Collins

Catty Flowers Installation by Emma Collins

Catty Flowers Installation by Emma Collins

Michelle Jenkins and Suannah Louise have pulled off a fabulous show after disaster struck their original exhibition plan. Stepping up to the challenge they bring us into the concept of a trophy wife, quite literally.

Trophy Wife No.3 by Michelle Jenkins

Trophy Wife No.3 by Michelle Jenkins

Current Exhibitions: 11th Feb – 1st of March

2015 has had a magnificent beginning to the year for the gallery, with a series of high quality shows by our students. If you haven’t had the chance to visit the gallery and view these works, it is an opportunity that should not be missed. Here’s a sneak peek – but it definitely doesn’t beat seeing it in the flesh!
The current exhibitions include:

Playing with the Elements – group ceramics show, curated by Nadia Aurisch & Maddison Hatton

Progression of Self –  by Liss Finney &Tilley Wood

2020 Womyn – by Kalinda Nelson-Boyd

I am not your sex doormat – by emilie jeine amaryllis

Flora Kingdom – Courtney Mathieson


Maddyson Hatton


Nadia Aurisch


Liss Finney


Kalinda Nelson-Boyd


Tilley Wood


Courtney Mathieson


Melissa Bull


emile jeine amaryllis

Third Year Graduate Exhibition: 26 November- 14 December 2014

Third Year Graduate Exhibition:


Curated by Ashlee Dennis-Rice, James Rhodes and Rachel Shum

As we come to the close of 2014, this year’s graduating students are ecstatic to celebrate their achievement with everyone, and display their works for all to see. An end to one artistic journey, this exhibition is just the beginning of another, marking a turning point in the lives and careers of these emerging artists.

Continuation has been curated by Ashlee Dennis- Rice, James Rhodes and Rachel Shum. The curators have put together an exciting evening of art, live music and plenty of food and drink. The opening at Watt Space at 6.30pm, Thursday 27 November will be a night to remember not only for the graduating students but for the broader public, and a great opportunity to see what Newcastle has to offer.


Kate Adamson
Christine Bushell
Renay Clack
Jessica Clark
Fiona Farquhar
Sarah Feng
Eloise Genner
Mathew Glover
Ashley Hamilton
Tara Hopper
Louisa Magrics
Kalinda Nelson-Boyd
Charlotte Patterson
Jeni Prickett
James Rhodes
Hannah Stone
Andrew Styan
Michaela Swan
IMG_4349IMG_4339IMG_4361   IMG_4336 IMG_4333 IMG_4330 IMG_4324 IMG_4303 IMG_4296 IMG_4290 IMG_4281 IMG_4276 IMG_4269 IMG_4265 IMG_4264

Continuation- 3rd Year Graduate Exhibition

Come along to Watt Space Thursday 27 November at 6.30pm to celebrate the 3rd Year Graduates completion of their undergraduate studies (curated by James Rhodes, Ashlee Dennis-Rice and Rachel Shum! Free food, wine and BEER. Sponsored by Novocastrian Wholesale Liquor and Woolworths. There will be a live performance by twins Michaela and Kirsten Swan (starting at 5pm) and a live band- Horegeous, Louisa Magrics and group withh be performing an improved set following the openign speeches! Don’t miss out on our last opening for 2014- our 25th Anniversary Year!grad show invite

Current exhibitions 5 – 23 November 2014


Ben Kenning, Courtney Mathieson and Allan Duncan

IMG_3766IMG_3754 IMG_3752IMG_3832IMG_3856IMG_3843IMG_3761  IMG_3758IMG_3755

Stitching together the fabric of a nation

Simon Clark  IMG_3871IMG_3877IMG_3889

Identity Crisis

Alex Parkes

IMG_3824 IMG_3802

The Aura and the Object: A Spiritual Cleanse

Ashlee Dennis-Rice  IMG_3774IMG_3786IMG_3775

Hung 2014 duration 4:52
The Settlement duration 5.48mins

by Tim Buchanan

OCD on Film 2014 duration 2:12mins

by Ellen Starrett

All Saints 2013 duration 4:47mins

by Manuel Seoane, Pablo Paniagua
(Colectivo SinMotivo)
Music by Simeon Roncai