Welcome to 2012 at Watt Space

The first 4 Watt Space shows for 2012 were opened last Thursday night by Michael Bell, artist and teacher at Newcastle Art School and David Middlebrook, artist and lecturer at UON.



Curated by Emily Coutts and Elric Ringstad

Collaborative features the work of 25 Artists who have recently completed their Bachelor of Fine Arts at UON. The exhibition features a range of mediums from drawing, painting, sculpture to photography and ceramic work.

Artists featured are Douglas Allen, Susanne Beaven, Anna Buxton-Soldal, Emily Coutts, Jessica Creighton, Rachel Duffin, Sarah Garrad, Laura Jefferson, Sarah Jones, Ellen Kozakiewicz, Mark Mason, Jennifer Muldoon, Sigourney Nicholson, Kieran Perry, Zrinka Podravac, Elric Ringstad, Bianca Rosetti, Kim Ryan, Kylie Salm, Emily Steen , Natasha Steggles, Rose Turner, Shan Turner-Carroll, Zyanya Walker, Justine Williams\

The Air in Between    Mark Mason  

This exhibition, a series of stitched panoramic and pinhole images, challenges the notion that a panoramic photograph is just a wide landscape. Mark has recently completed his Bachelor of Fine Art at the UON majoring in photography.

Colour of Love, Colour of Rainbow   Fariba Fereidony  

Fariba’s art is a combination of traditional and modern symbols. She is a photographer and graphic designer. Born in Tehran, Iran and presently living in Newcastle, Fariba is presently studying for a Masters of Marketing Management at UON. She has previously studied rug design and graphic design in Iran.

Animism    Brooke Fraser 

Brooke has chosen the term ‘animism’ to convey a reverence for nature and the belief that all living things possess a spark of life that connects them. Her work is inspired by nature and is an exploration of painting techniques and theories. Brooke has recently completed studying her first year of Fine Arts at UON, she was raised in the rural town of Gloucester NSW, which is where she discovered her love of nature.



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