Proposals DUE 20 April for exhibiting at Watt Space during July – December 2012

Watt Space offers such an amazing opportunity for the students of UON to experience gallery exhibiting without the pressures of a commercial gallery. It also gives you the chance to see how your work looks outside the studio and to reflect on what you’re doing and where you’re going with it. 

Some FAQs

Do I need to frame my work?   No, not unless you want to

Do I curate my own show?     Yes, but you have the assistance of the Watt Space curator who will offer help and advice.

What does it cost to exhibit?   There is a small charge to ‘rent’ your space in the Watt Space gallery

Gallery fees for three week exhibition:

  • loading dock $110
  • the locker room $88
  • the long room $88
  • the hoist $66
  • the pit $88
  • the media space $50

What am I required to do?

Gallery exhibitors are responsible for:

  • designing and printing their own invitations (280 needed for gallery mailout)
  • preparing their own press release statement
  • sharing rostered gallery duty with the other exhibitors during their show
  • providing food, plastic cups and drink at the gallery opening
  • paying gallery rental
  • attending an introductory meeting with the director to discuss their proposed show
  • attending a contract meeting with other exhibitors
  • assisting at the mail-out of invitations and press releases

Opening Night 15 March

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped out on opening night, it helped make the night go so smoothly and we can’t express just how much we appreciate you being there. The next opening night is on 5 April and we would love you to see you there again. 

The 5 current exhibitions include sculpture, photomedia, traditional printmaking and painting. It is a diverse range of works and definitely worth getting along to Watt Space to see them for yourself, you have until Sunday 1 April.