Artist in Residence Program, 2013

How to apply to be artist in residence at Watt Space 2 – 13 October 2013

Submit a proposal by Friday 16 August 2013

• You must be a current student of the University of Newcastle to be eligible to apply to be part of this program at Watt Space.

• No previous exhibition experience is necessary.

Who is eligible to exhibit:
• Any currently enrolled student of the University of Newcastle can apply by submitting a proposal.
• Students who have never previously exhibited are encouraged to submit proposals. Please phone Penny on 4921 5188 to discuss your ideas.

Artists will be selected from submitted written proposals

Your proposal* must include:
1. Cover Page detailing name, address, phone numbers, e-mail and exhibition title

2. Curriculum Vitae to include name, address, education, exhibition experience, awards and publications (see Watt Space web-site for details:

3. The Proposal detailing your ideas for the residency including any interactive component

4. Images of your current work. Include an image list with title, date, medium and size of each work. You will need 5 images.

Check the Watt Space web site at for current information.
* Proposals must be printed out in hard copy format, images may be either hard copy or on disk.

Selected exhibitors are responsible for:

• doing gallery duty
• paying gallery rental for 2 week period (approx. $60 per artist)
• contributing food and drink for the opening night

Proposals are evaluated at a Selection Committee Meeting of the Watt Space Management Committee

Each proposal is considered individually. All applicants will be contacted by letter or email soon after the meeting.

Send your proposal to:

The Director Watt Space Gallery PO Box 180 Shortland Building University of Newcastle Callaghan NSW 2308
or deliver in person to:
Watt Space Pigeonhole, Fine Art Office, University Fine Art Gallery Building at Hunter Campus, University of Newcastle


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