Artists in Residence and TINA

Join us during TINA for a program of artists in residence from Fine Art,
performances by CAPA students and presentations for TINA.

There will be nine artists in the Gallery who have transferred their studios from the University, and will be producing works under the watchful eyes of the public.

The artists are:
Kate Burton will be working on drawings depicting Australian birds.
Elissa Jane will create an interactive space where the public is encouraged to explore their sense of play.
Brooke Hazelgrove is creating works relating to her continuing interest in costume and Cosplay culture.
Drew Holland will create an installation of 12 portraits. He invitesviewers to bring along photographs of friends and relatives to paint.
Shelagh Lummis will produce a series of small to medium sized paintings with a focus on compositions that suggest elements of landscape, colour mixing and technique. She will encourage gallery visitors to try their
hand at colour mixing.
Jessica McLeod-Yu will be drawing and working on her novel called The Wish Bringer.
Aislin MacDonald is a Canadian student on placement at UoN. Her drawings are a reflection on comparisons between Australia and Canada.
Emma Stronach will explore anatomy, creating sculpture from MDF.
Wing Shan Lai is interested in the relationship between footwear and women’s beauty. She will be felting an alternative to uncomfortable footwear proscribed by fashion.

● There will also be a series of performances and an installation
by CAPA students over the TINA weekend– the program of events can be
found on the Gallery Facebook page

● TINA presents NYWF Angela Vanessa Berry Ninety9 Launch and
installation/exhibition. Zine queen Vanessa Berry launches her book on
being a music fan in the 1990s with a special one-off installation of
her adolescent bedroom. Visit, interact, smell the teen spirit. Then
join her for readings from her book at the close of the installation.