Exhibition Photos 12 Feb – 2 March, 2014

The first round of exhibitions for 2014 finishing Sunday 2/3/14 (tomorrow) include the following:

Going Baroque – group painting exhibition.

Works in the exhibition will combine contemporary and traditional techniques, as well as methodologies, cultures and influences and transcribe the Baroque within contemporary visual culture.

Journey (life odyssey) – Kathleen Glover.

Glover’s work examines the variety of journeys we make through life, some mundane and others more exotic, but from every passage we have the opportunity to gather knowledge and experiences which enrich and hopefully, enlighten our lives.

Surroundings – Kathryn Camm and Melanie Smith.

This joint exhibition explores ideas of the artist’s surroundings through two different perspectives and approaches. The two perspectives come together in a shared space to present to the audience an interesting view of Newcastle.

Simulacra – Breony Delforce.

We seek to wrestle a sense of peace from the seemingly chaotic world around us. The reflection and dissection of our personal reality leads to an understanding of the universal truths which surround us.

Coal River – Dylan Smyth.

Coal River is a visual journey following coal exportation through the Hunter Valley and city of Newcastle, with a particular emphasis on the scale and mechanics of this industry.

Just incase you haven’t been in to see the shows here are some photos from the opening night.




Going Baroque, Group Painting Exhibition- The Loading Dock.Image


Journey (life odyssey) – Kathleen Glover showing in the Long Room. Image

Coal River – Dylan Smyth showing in the Hoist.



Surroundings – Kathryn Camm and Melanie Smith showing in the Pit.


Simulacra – Breony Delforce- the Locker Room.

Next Exhibition Opening is Thursday 6 March at 6.30pm

Including the following exhibitions:
by Flynn Dornan and Leah Poi

A Journey into the Dark
by Thomas Hadland

Paralysed: Expressions from the chair
by Dom Freestone

A Dinnae ken
by Andrew Styan
Process of Abstraction

by Sascha Bravery.

Exhibitions run 5 – 23 March, 2014.


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