Fundraising Auction

Hi Everyone,
This is a message relayed from UoN Services, asking for your help to enable a prospect student from a disadvantaged background to study at the University of Newcastle.
On March 18th UoN Services and the UoN Foundation will launch the annual Godfrey Tanner Great Debate at the Godfrey Tanner Bar starting at 6pm. The Debate will see students take on academics on the topic whether studies should make students life-ready or job-ready. The debate is organised with the intention to raise funds for the Godfrey Tanner Memorial Scholarship that makes university education possible for financially disadvantaged students.
During the night on March 18th we are hoping to run an auction and are looking for pieces to auction off from which the proceeds will be donated to the scholarship. I have asked Penny whether she may know of any students that would be interested in donating a work to the auction in support of this great scholarship. In discussion with you we can set a starting price that would cover your cost so that we can ensure that you are not out of pocket and will be paid a base and if you are happy to be involved all additional bidding can be donated to the scholarship. We can promote you as an artist on the night if you have a little blurb on yourself and a link where people can find out more about you and we can discuss other ways of how you think we can help you otherwise.
Emeritus Professor Tanner (or just Godfrey as he was affectionately known) was a distinguished Classics scholar who had devoted the greater part of his life to the University of Newcastle and its students. Godfrey’s wonderful sense of humour, willingness to mix and socialise with students, absolute commitment to education and unique approach to life, all helped earn him the title of ‘living treasure’. Although he passed away in 2002, his life’s commitment to education continues to live through the scholarship fund and the difference it is making to the lives of students.
Apologies for the short notice. It would be great to see you involved! 
For further information please contact 
Djoeke van Loon- Student Support Coordinator 

P: +61 2 4921 7131

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