Exhibitions 26 March- 13 April 2014

Up-and-coming Exhibitions at Watt Space 
Opening this Thursday 27th March at 6:30pm 

The Mad Scientist’s Study- Emma Collins
You Have been cordially invited to a viewing of the work study of the internationally renowned ‘Shrinkologist’- but beware, if you upset this scientist you may find yourself permanently added to her collection!! 

Mixed Media- Natalie Engdahl 
In her final year of Bachelor of Fine Art, Natalie is an artist comfortable working in across a variety of mediums. This exhibition showcases an eclectic collection of works, including fibre based sculpture, quirky still life painting and printed media.

Street Stories- Tim Buchanan 
Street Stories is an exhibition that explores the relationship of the photographer and subject through the analysis of the reaction to the lens. 

Ulterior Connections- Curated by Michaela Swan
Explorations of connections to the body, people, places or technology. A group wearables exhibition showcasing students work from the University of Newcastle and Hong Kong Baptist University. 

Ceramics Showcase 2013- Co-ordinated by Nadia Aurisch and Maddyson Hatton
This Exhibition is a showcase of sculptural, conceptual and figurative works from the ceramics classes of the University of Newcastle Semester 2, 2013. 

Fantastic variety of media displayed, open from Wed 26 March to Sun 13 April 2014.


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