Photographic Update of Current Shows

The Mad Scientist’s Study- Emma Collins
You Have been cordially invited to a viewing of the work study of the internationally renowned ‘Shrinkologist’- but beware, if you upset this scientist you may find yourself permanently added to her collection!!


Mixed Media- Natalie Engdahl
In her final year of Bachelor of Fine Art, Natalie is an artist comfortable working in across a variety of mediums. This exhibition showcases an eclectic collection of works, including fibre based sculpture, quirky still life painting and printed media.


Street Stories- Tim Buchanan

Street Stories is an exhibition that explores the relationship of the photographer and subject through the analysis of the reaction to the lens.


Ulterior Connections- Curated by Michaela Swan
Explorations of connections to the body, people, places or technology. A group wearables exhibition showcasing students work from the University of Newcastle and Hong Kong Baptist University.


Ceramics Showcase 2013- Co-ordinated by Nadia Aurisch and Maddyson Hatton
This Exhibition is a showcase of sculptural, conceptual and figurative works from the ceramics classes of the University of Newcastle Semester 2, 2013.