2014 ART CITY Open Show and 25th Anniversary Celebration

WOW!! What an incredible fun filled night! 
Thankyou to everyone for attending our 2014 ART CITY Open Show and 25th Anniversary Celebration! 
The cake was incredible, the music was delightful, the crowds were steady and the cocktails were delicious! 
An amazing vibe in the gallery, just as it used to be!
The Art City Publication that has been produced in conjunction with the open show will be distributed through local cafes and galleries for you to enjoy!
Very Special moment inaugural Director Pippa Robinson cutting the incredible 25th Anniversary Cake made by former student Kylie at Artisticake (see below).
Time to Announce the 2014 Art City Watt Space Open Show!! 
Kate Burton-Macleans Books Award
Tim Buchanan and Andrew Styan- Coles Markettown and Newcastle Gallery society Awards
Emma Collins- Aaron Framed It! Award
Liam Madsen- Snap printing, Fuji Xerox and Newcastle Gallery Society Awards
James Rhodes- Les Porter Photography Award
Andrew Styan- Eckersleys and Bunnings Awards

Ross Woodrow, Craig wilson, James Rhodes, Melissa Furina, Meg Lawrence and Kaylah Frogson were finalists Avant Card Award, each awarded a voucher from The Co-Op Bookshop.

Congratulations to James Rhodes, he was awarded the major prize from Avant Card(10,000 postcard reproductions of the winning artwork, in 100 venues across NSW)

Thank you to our judges artist- Peter Gardiner, and Curator at Lake Macquarie City Art Gallery- Meryl Ryan.

Thankyou to Avant Card, UON Services, Aaron Framed it!, Snap printing, Eckersley’s, Fuji Xerox, Les Porter Photo Services, Maclean’s Books, Bunnings Warehouse Kotara, Coles Markettown, Woolworths Jesmond (who supplied the food for tonight), The Co-Op Bookshop Callaghan and Newcastle Gallery Society for supporting the 2014 Watt Space Open Show.

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