25 Watt photos

Don’t forget to check out our current exhibition (11-28 September) – 25 Watt, our 25th Anniversary show, featuring the work of Penelope Benton, Dr Deidre Brollo, Dr Ian Burns, Dr Stephen Garrett, Linsey Gosper, Lucas Grogan, Susan Jacobs, Chris Langlois, Dr Ken O’Regan, Izabella Pluta, Niomi Sands, Alexia Sinclair, Braddon Snape, Peter Speight 1965-2012, Julie Squires, Jennifer and Catherine Strutt, Shan Turner-Carroll, Ahn Wells and Dr Ashley Whamond. Definitely a show not to be missed!
Open 11-5pm Wed-Sun.


Niomi Sands (detail)


Susan Jacobs, Installation view.


Lucas Grogan (detail)


Ahn Wells


Peter Speight 1965-2012


Braddon Snape


Dr Deidre Brollo (detail)

IMG_2456 IMG_2449 IMG_2460 IMG_2535 IMG_2493


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