Continuation- 3rd Year Graduate Exhibition

Come along to Watt Space Thursday 27 November at 6.30pm to celebrate the 3rd Year Graduates completion of their undergraduate studies (curated by James Rhodes, Ashlee Dennis-Rice and Rachel Shum! Free food, wine and BEER. Sponsored by Novocastrian Wholesale Liquor and Woolworths. There will be a live performance by twins Michaela and Kirsten Swan (starting at 5pm) and a live band- Horegeous, Louisa Magrics and group withh be performing an improved set following the openign speeches! Don’t miss out on our last opening for 2014- our 25th Anniversary Year!grad show invite

Current exhibitions 5 – 23 November 2014


Ben Kenning, Courtney Mathieson and Allan Duncan

IMG_3766IMG_3754 IMG_3752IMG_3832IMG_3856IMG_3843IMG_3761  IMG_3758IMG_3755

Stitching together the fabric of a nation

Simon Clark  IMG_3871IMG_3877IMG_3889

Identity Crisis

Alex Parkes

IMG_3824 IMG_3802

The Aura and the Object: A Spiritual Cleanse

Ashlee Dennis-Rice  IMG_3774IMG_3786IMG_3775

Hung 2014 duration 4:52
The Settlement duration 5.48mins

by Tim Buchanan

OCD on Film 2014 duration 2:12mins

by Ellen Starrett

All Saints 2013 duration 4:47mins

by Manuel Seoane, Pablo Paniagua
(Colectivo SinMotivo)
Music by Simeon Roncai