Current exhibitions 5 – 23 November 2014


Ben Kenning, Courtney Mathieson and Allan Duncan

IMG_3766IMG_3754 IMG_3752IMG_3832IMG_3856IMG_3843IMG_3761  IMG_3758IMG_3755

Stitching together the fabric of a nation

Simon Clark  IMG_3871IMG_3877IMG_3889

Identity Crisis

Alex Parkes

IMG_3824 IMG_3802

The Aura and the Object: A Spiritual Cleanse

Ashlee Dennis-Rice  IMG_3774IMG_3786IMG_3775

Hung 2014 duration 4:52
The Settlement duration 5.48mins

by Tim Buchanan

OCD on Film 2014 duration 2:12mins

by Ellen Starrett

All Saints 2013 duration 4:47mins

by Manuel Seoane, Pablo Paniagua
(Colectivo SinMotivo)
Music by Simeon Roncai


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