Third Year Graduate Exhibition: 26 November- 14 December 2014

Third Year Graduate Exhibition:


Curated by Ashlee Dennis-Rice, James Rhodes and Rachel Shum

As we come to the close of 2014, this year’s graduating students are ecstatic to celebrate their achievement with everyone, and display their works for all to see. An end to one artistic journey, this exhibition is just the beginning of another, marking a turning point in the lives and careers of these emerging artists.

Continuation has been curated by Ashlee Dennis- Rice, James Rhodes and Rachel Shum. The curators have put together an exciting evening of art, live music and plenty of food and drink. The opening at Watt Space at 6.30pm, Thursday 27 November will be a night to remember not only for the graduating students but for the broader public, and a great opportunity to see what Newcastle has to offer.


Kate Adamson
Christine Bushell
Renay Clack
Jessica Clark
Fiona Farquhar
Sarah Feng
Eloise Genner
Mathew Glover
Ashley Hamilton
Tara Hopper
Louisa Magrics
Kalinda Nelson-Boyd
Charlotte Patterson
Jeni Prickett
James Rhodes
Hannah Stone
Andrew Styan
Michaela Swan
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