Current Exhibitions: 11th Feb – 1st of March

2015 has had a magnificent beginning to the year for the gallery, with a series of high quality shows by our students. If you haven’t had the chance to visit the gallery and view these works, it is an opportunity that should not be missed. Here’s a sneak peek – but it definitely doesn’t beat seeing it in the flesh!
The current exhibitions include:

Playing with the Elements – group ceramics show, curated by Nadia Aurisch & Maddison Hatton

Progression of Self –  by Liss Finney &Tilley Wood

2020 Womyn – by Kalinda Nelson-Boyd

I am not your sex doormat – by emilie jeine amaryllis

Flora Kingdom – Courtney Mathieson


Maddyson Hatton


Nadia Aurisch


Liss Finney


Kalinda Nelson-Boyd


Tilley Wood


Courtney Mathieson


Melissa Bull


emile jeine amaryllis


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