A Temporary Closure… But Not For Too Long!

Watt Space is temporarily closed but will re-open on the 10th of September in a brand new premises!

Submissions are now open until Friday 17th of July for exhibition spots in October, November and December including an artist in residence program 30 Sept – 4 October to co-incide with TINA.
The submission process is still the same – conceptual statement, description of what you are doing, your current CV, and some images of the work. We also welcome submissions for curated exhibitions, and class exhibitions.
Unfortunately we don’t have dimensions for the new space but the floor plan gives an idea of the spaces in progress.
Once there are some images and more plans Penny will make a presentation as well as email them out to everyone.
If you would like to discuss your ideas call past Penny’s office (under the University of Newcastle Gallery) – Penny is generally there 8am – 4pm, with a lunch break in there somewhere!

Our first exhibition back will be the Annual Art Prize, curated by the 2015 gallery assistant, Eloise Genner! Stay tuned for more details!

Watt Space proposed floorplan