call for subs


The following dates are open:

13 April – 1 May
25 May – 12 June
15 June – 3 July
6 – 24 July

You will need to provide:

1. a written application detailing concept and form of the proposed

2. A CD, USB, email or printed images of your current work, even if it doesn’t relate to your proposed exhibition.

3. Details of the dates and space you would prefer.

4. A current CV

Please note that there is a charge to rent the gallery, as well as a responsibility to share staffing with other exhibitors.

The space fees for 3 weeks are:
Gallery1: $238
Gallery 2: $216
Gallery 3: $160
Gallery 4: $160
Gallery 5: $105
This includes covering print costs for invites.

Submissions are due 27th November by 5pm. Proposals can be delivered to Penny Finnigan on campus at the Watt Space Office. If you have any queries please contact Penny ( to arrange an appointment.


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