Watt Space Annual Student Art Prize Entries Now Open

Semblance flyer
Student Art Prize Entry Form


Its that time of year again. The Annual Student Art Prize!!

Are you ready for Semblance? Be part of this year’s UON Annual Student Art Prize, curated by Melissa Bull and Meighan Winchester.

Only $20 entry fee, with the opportunity to win cash prizes totalling over $3,500 with First Prize of a $2,500 travelling scholarship.

It’s too good to miss.

We’re calling for works that contemplate ‘semblance’.

[sem-bluh ns]
1. outward aspect or appearance.
2. an assumed or unreal appearance; show.
3. the slightest appearance or trace.
4. a likeness, image, or copy.
5. a spectral appearance; apparition.1

1. Dictionary.comhttp://www.dictionary.com/browse/semblance?s=t(retrieved 13 July 2017).
2D, 3D, media, sound, spoken word, written word, performance …
…how will you respond?

Entries close 18 August @ 5pm.

Entry forms are available at Watt Space office, Watt Space Gallery, newcastle.edu.au/wattspace and facebook.com/WattSpaceGallery.

For further information contact wattspace@newcastle.edu.au.


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