Watt Space Opening Launch 2018.

Last night saw the opening of the first exhibition of the year

What an amazing exhibition to start off the year! The impressive works in this show are an example of the calibre and diversity from the students of Newcastle University.

Congratulations to:
Megan McCarthy: Fractured Feminism
Libby Eckersley: Preparations and de-articulations
Courtney Heffernan: Fanciful Notions
Annika Thurbon: I do look like this, I don’t look like this

Thank you to Melissa Bull for acting as MC and for her work as our Watt Space officer – we welcome her to this position in 2018, Melissa Moore for being opening speaker, Dr Deirdre Brollo and Dr Faye Neilson for speaking on behalf of the exhibiting artists.
Thank you to Erik Flett, clarinetist who played some smooth sounds for the evening. Also thanks to the ever gracious Amy Hamilton, who tended the bar for us on this busy night.
Don’t forget to pop in and see the show – Wed-Sun 11am-5pm until March 11th.
Please feel free to share and tag the images but remember all images and works are covered by copyright and remain the property of the artists and photographer.


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