MetalMotif_cmykIn partnership with the Newcastle Music Festival, Watt Space Gallery will be hosting Fused, an exhibition that will bring together a fusion of media and music, with image and sound working together to create a multi-disciplinary exhibition of art, film, music and ideas.

Join us on Thursday 8 August from 5:00pm for the exhibition’s opening, and again on Sunday 11 August* from 5:30pm for a night of performances from some of Australia’s most exciting electronic artists.

Exhibition dates: 7 August – 1 September


Lucy Cliché (Sydney)
Lucy has carved out a niche of her own bodily contagious techno over her last two decades of practice and is one of Australia’s foremost electronic artists. She has performed at the Sydney Opera House, soundtracked films at The Gallery Of Modern Art (Brisbane) and NSW Art Gallery (Sydney), as well as being regularly billed on both dance festivals and DIY shows alike.

Troth is a recently-formed Newcastle duo comprising Amelia Bessenyei and Cooper Bowman. Together they fashion ethereal environs from vocals, electronics, zither, tape loops and sampled percussion and piano. They will be performing in the centre of their film and reel-to-reel installation in Watt Space’s Media Room, titled Nothing Still In The Stone Garden.

Romy Church is a student of music at UoN and a tireless live performer, gigging regularly both in Newcastle and elsewhere in Australia. As e4444e, Church crafts ornately-structured electronic pop and has revealed himself as one of Newcastle’s eminent emerging musicians.

Darcy Archer
Darcy Archer is a student of music at UoN who predominantly works as a percussionist. For this performance, she will be creating a set of meditations via vibraphone. Her collaborative work with Ellen Presbury, The Natural World, is featured in the Fused exhibition in Gallery 1.

*Tickets $15 on the door +a complimentary glass of wine.

IMAGE: Caelli Brooker, metal wallpaper 2019, digital print, dimensions variable

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