Glitch and Dead Matter

On 10 October from 6pm, join us for the opening of two exhibitions: GLITCH: PRACTICING IMPROPER PRODUCTION IN ARCHITECTURE by Nicholas Flatman and DEAD MATTER, a group show by Michael Chapman, Beth George, Nicholas Flatman and Nicholas Foulcher.

Exhibition dates: 10 October – 20 October

Practicing Improper Production in Architecture

Nicholas Flatman


This exhibition presents an innovative and integrated body of creative research through a combination of theoretical research, built projects and speculative design. Nicholas Flatman’s research is an inquiry into glitches – a process that disrupts the conventional production of information that are usually accidental variations of digital processes, creating unexpected and often destructive outcomes. His creative practice explores the way glitches can be deliberately and methodically integrated into a design process, in order to produce unexpected and unconventional outcomes, and to question the centrality of form and program in contemporary architecture.

Flatman explores the use of glitches across a range of scales and complexities, from the personal, to the residential, to the urban, to the communal and the hypothetical. While the use of glitches has been an important creative process in adjacent fields like art and music, its systematic use in architecture is relatively new and Flatman’s work reframes the role of glitches as a deliberate and reproducible architectural design process, with an endless array of possibilities that question the prevalent modes of architectural production and regulation.


Michael Chapman, Beth George, Nicholas Flatman, Nicholas Foulcher

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“We fight the battle with the drawings on the wall” – Alvin Boyarsky

Images courtesy of respective artists.